Huawei mercury android 4.0

The Huawei Mercury is easily Cricket's top phone, unless you've got your heart set on access to Muve Music. Next, Google layers on its own services and apps, like Gmail, search, Google Maps, Navigation with turn-by-turn voice readouts, YouTube, the works. Review Sections Review Specs. The Bad Battery life doesn't live up to expectations on the Mercury, you have to remove the battery each time you access the microSD card slot, and data speeds are pokey. It's allow to search and download torrents on

Blackboard instant messenger

Next, customize your settings By default, Blackboard IM is enabled for all new courses and organizations. Deselect a course below if you do not want to use Bb IM in your shell. Clicking on the link will open a new window be sure to allow pop-ups if prompted in your browser. A link from a course or portal page in the Learning Management System An email invitation that includes a registration link Through a registration code provided by your institution Why do I have to be enrolled in a Learning Management System before I can create a Blackboard IM account?