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With your device still at the bootloader menu and plugged into your computer, use these commands to install the firmware ZIP file:. I got a phone from a friend since I broke my phone but told me it's rooted and rom. Root permission will also be needed if you plan on resetting the warning flags on your bootloader menu.

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And if you find yourself having any problems or are stuck at a particular step, be sure to drop me a tom below. Any referrals or advice would be very much appreciated.

But now when i have don all steps and starting the phone after flashing a sense based rom, my phone just go back to recovery.

Download the original Sense splash screen to your computer, then enter the following fastboot commands:. Before getting started, I'd recommend reading this entire guide one time to make sure your device meets all the qualifications.

Hey ofticial am also having a international version htc one m8 whats the ruu should i flash??? Your One will lfficial boot up as if it were a brand new device, so go ahead and enter your Google credentials to begin restoring all of your apps and contacts.

You have to add the full location path to the command in order for it to locate files outside of the main C directory. Unfortunately, this image cannot be restored when flashing the original carrier files, so instead we will need to flash a file through fastboot. But I am really struggling with this location thing as all commands are rejected as not a c: Thanks, and I appreciate your effort.

Since you converted your original CID to the Google version you will need to bring it back to a Sense compatible version to install the appropriate firmware file.

Thanks for the useful information: It should go without saying, but this will completely wipe your device, so be sure to back up your pictures, music, and videos before starting. Any help or direction would help.

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The Aroma installer will kfficial start automatically, so go through the warning screen and when prompted, select the carrier you want to revert ntc to. I got it work thru flashing a newer firmware. The RUU installs all of the original, carrier-specific system files that shipped with your device, so be sure to download the file that matches your device exactly.

In order to avoid any hiccups during file transfers, you will need to use a USB 2. After the flash is completed, do not tap reboot—instead, go back to the main menu, tap Reboot and select Bootloader.

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Hi, I'm stuck at: If you're planning on sending your device in for repairs, you need to go from S-Off to S-On. Place the downloaded TWRP.

It may take a few hours for updates to be pushed to your device, so be patient. With your device still at the bootloader menu and plugged into offficial computer, use these commands to install the firmware ZIP file:.

But Sunshine doesn't accept BitCoin and I am now trying to get back to stock. Every time i type the command in cmd rok I get error message as I am still in C directory How do I get the command to take effect on the phone.

How to flash official marshmallow rom on my htc one m8? - HTC One M8 - iFixit

You need to have an unlocked bootloader in order to flash TWRP. I am connecting to my Sprint service and noticed I can't do any of the odficial necessary to connect to service.

Due to some system partition size differences, you must first flash a Sense firmware file before being able to go back to stock Sense. My Phone isn't s-off officiwl I don't have a nandroid back up.

I would very much love to get Android 6. I do not want to go to a Sprint Store for them to say my phone is tampered with. You now have a device that has no indication of being modified, but in order to get the software back to stock, you'll need to use a RUU, aka ROM Update Utility. Did all that you asked for in the post officiap to how to S-off, Then I realized that it can only be done by SunShine. If you are using a converted M7you can skip this section and go htv to "Reset Warning Flags" below.

I have difficulty sending command from my macbook to the m7.

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